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If you’re looking for a CPA firm to help with your bookkeeping services for a small business or want an accountant for tax filing services, you can count on MacNeal CPA to provide you with an accountant you can rely on in Chicago and San Diego. Our accounting services are ideal for businesses and individuals to help with tax preparation services, financial expertise, strategic advice, and practical tools. Our team of certified accountants can give you the financial guidance you need to make the right decisions for a sound financial future.

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We have the software, tools, and people to quickly process your taxes securely. We include Audit & Identity Protection on all Tax Returns at no additional cost. Our CPAs use their experience to maximize your Tax Refund.

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We Help Businesses Keep Track of Their Finances

Our CPA firm serving Chicago and San Diego can provide all the financial services small businesses need to keep track of their finances and maintain proper cash flow. Our bookkeeping services for small businesses make it easy to keep track of all money coming in and going out to ensure your business is functioning efficiently. In addition to bookkeeping, we also offer other accounting services for businesses, including tax preparation, audit support, and more. Our team is on your side to ensure your business’s finances remain in order.

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Our tax return services are ideal for businesses and individuals throughout Chicago and San Diego. We can provide tax preparation services that minimize mistakes and help you feel more confident in filing an accurate tax return. When you count on our tax filing services, we’ll make sure everything is in order and according to the current laws, so you don’t have to worry about an audit or make a mistake.

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Our Certified Public Accountants have over 15 years of experience in the TOP Fortune 500 companies

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Advice to make the right decisions. You’re never alone in what you need to do financially with Mac-Neal CPA behind you.

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The right software, tools, and people to gain the insight you need to make the right financial decision.


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No upfront costs. Students receive the same CPA tax services at affordable pricing.

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Started a Business? If you are an entrepreneur, work for yourself, or need a schedule C.

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Business Tax Filing

Quick and Easy.
From 1099’s to quarterly filings with federal and state tax departments. We have you covered.

Business Accounting Services

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